Useful Life

Business / Accounting / Useful Life: The term used to describe the life over which an asset is expected to be useful to the company: cost is assigned to the periods benefited from using the asset.

Other Words for Life

Life Noun Synonyms: existence, living, way of life, lifestyle
Life Verb Synonyms: existence, entity, being, sentience, viability

Other Words for Useful

Useful Noun Synonyms: utilitarian, functional, serviceable, practical,able, of use, beneficial, salutary, advantageous, expedient, profitable, valuable, gainful, helpful, fruitful, productive, effective, worthwhile

Life Cycle Costing

Business / Real Estate / Life Cycle Costing: In property management, comparing one type of equipment to another based on both purchase cost and operating cost over its expected useful lifetime. MORE

Partners For Wildlife

Business / Agriculture / Partners For Wildlife: A voluntary partnership program administered by the Fish and Wildlife Service to provide financial and technical assistance to private landowners who wish to protect or restore wetlands. This program MORE

Participating Life Insurance Policies

Business / Finance / Participating Life Insurance Policies: Life insurance that pays dividends to policyholders depending on the company's success as provided by few claims and profitable underwritings and investments. MORE

Pot Life

Life Style / Painting / Pot Life: Amount of time after mixing a two-part paint system during which it can be applied. MORE

Saints Life

Entertainment / Literature / Saints Life: Another term for the medieval genre called a vita. See discussion under vita. MORE

Shelf Life

Entertainment / Photography / Shelf Life: Length of time unused material or chemicals will remain fresh. MORE