Agency For International Development (AID Or USAID)

Business / Agriculture / Agency For International Development (AID Or USAID): An independent agency of the executive branch, established in 1961, that administers U.S. international development and humanitarian assistance programs. The activities often involve joint efforts with private voluntary organizations (pvos). USAID administers commodity donations for humanitarian or development purposes under Titles II and III of P.L. 480, or Food for Peace, and commodity import programs.

Other Words for Agency

Agency Noun Synonyms: means, medium, instrumentality, intervention, intercession, action, intermediation, operation, mechanism, force, power, activity, working(s), energy

Other Words for Development

Development Noun Synonyms: evolution, growth, evolvement, maturation, unfolding, maturing, maturity, increase, expansion, enlargement, increment, advance, advancement, progress, improvement
Development Verb Synonyms: occurrence, happening, event, incident, circumstance, situation, condition, phenomenon

Other Words for For

For Noun Synonyms: representing, championing, in favour of, on or and also in behalf of, on the side of, in support of, in the service of, as a service to, for the benefit of, pro
For Preposition Synonyms: instead of, in place of, representing, as a replacement for, on or and in behalf of, in return or exchange for, in compensation or recompense or payment or repayment for, in requital for

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International Adjective Synonyms: supranational, global, worldwide, universal, intercontinental, cosmopolitan, ecumenic(al) or oecumenic(al), foreign

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