Business / Agriculture / Alar: Trade name for daminozide, a plant regulator and therefore classed as a pesticide, that makes apples redder, firmer, and less likely to drop off trees before harvest. It was also used to a lesser extent on peanuts, tart cherries, concord grapes, and other fruits. Alar was suspended by the Environmental Protection Agency in 1989 following a controversy over allegations of cancer risk to children from residues of Alar and its breakdown product UDMH on apples and in apple products.


Business / Finance / Salaries: Compensation provided by a business to employees, excluding benefits. On an income statement, Salaries refers only to that portion of compensation (such as administrative and management costs) that do MORE


Business / Accounting / Salary: Payment for work, usually calculated in periods of a week or longer. Salary is usually tied to the completion of specific duties over a minimum but not maximum number of hours. (See Wage.) MORE

Salary Reduction Plan

Business / Finance / Salary Reduction Plan: A plan allowing employees to contribute pre-tax income to a tax-deferred retirement plan. MORE