Alien Species Prevention And Enforcement Act Of 1992

Business / Agriculture / Alien Species Prevention And Enforcement Act Of 1992: P.L. 102-393 (October 6, 1992) makes it illegal to ship certain categories of plants and animals through the mail. The prohibited species are certain injurious animals, plant pests, plants and materials under federal quarantine, and certain plants and animals under the Lacey Act, a law that pertains to illegal trade in fish, wildlife, and plants.

Other Words for Act

Act Verb Synonyms: behave (oneself), carry on, deport oneself, comport oneself, conduct oneself
Act Noun Synonyms: deed, action, undertaking, operation, step, move, feat, exploit, accomplishment, achievement

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Alien Adjective Synonyms: foreign, strange, exotic, outlandish, unfamiliar
Alien Noun Synonyms: foreigner, stranger, outlander, outsider, non-native, immigrant, newcomer

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Prevention Adjective Synonyms: preventing, anticipation, preclusion, obviation, forestalling, avoidance, avoiding, prohibition, prohibiting, ban, banning, bar, barring, forbiddance, forbidding, interdiction, interdicting,,ing, enjoining, injunction, proscription, proscribin


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Physician Practice Management (PPM) Company

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