Business / Agriculture / Antibiotics: Chemical substances produced by microorganisms or synthetically that inhibit the growth of, or destroy, bacteria. Antibiotics are used at therapeutic levels to fight disease in humans and animals. Since the 1950s they have been used at subtherapeutic levels in animal feeds to enhance growth and prevent disease in livestock and poultry. Rules guiding the use of veterinary drugs and medicated animal feeds, including tolerance levels for drug residues in meats for human consumption, are promulgated by the Center for Veterinary Medicine of the Food and Drug Administration. The Food Safety and Inspection Service enforces the FDA rules through a sampling and testing program that is part of its overall meat and poultry inspection program.

Beta-Lactam Antibiotics

Health / Disease / Beta-Lactam Antibiotics: A broad class of antibiotics which include penicillin and its derivatives. They are the most widely used group of antibiotics available. MORE


Health / Disease / Vancomycin: An antibiotic used in the treatment of infections caused by Gram-positive bacteria. It has traditionally been reserved as a drug of 'last resort', used only after treatment with other antibiotics had MORE


Health / Disease / MRSA: Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). It has evolved an ability to survive treatment with beta-lactam antibiotics, including penicillin, methicillin, and cephalosporins. MRSA is often re MORE