Bilateral Trade Agreement

Business / Agriculture / Bilateral Trade Agreement: A trade agreement between any two countries. The agreement may be either preferential (the obligations and benefits apply only to the two countries involved) or most-favored-nation (the benefits and obligations negotiated between the two countries are extended to all or most other nations). The U.S.-Israel Free Trade Agreement is one example of a preferential trade agreement.

Other Words for Agreement

Agreement Noun Synonyms: understanding, covenant, treaty, pact, accord, compact, settlement, concordat, contract, bargain, deal

Other Words for Trade

Trade Adjective Synonyms: commerce, business, traffic, exchange, barter, dealing(s), buying and selling, merchandising, marketing, mercantilism, truck
Trade Noun Synonyms: exchange, swap or swop, interchange, switch, barter, return

United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act Of 1988

Business / Agriculture / United States-Canada Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act Of 1988: P.L. 100-449 (September 28, 1988) implemented the bilateral trade agreement between the United States and Canada, including agricultural trade. The agreement would phase out tariffs between the two co MORE

Risk-Return Trade-Off

Business / Finance / Risk-Return Trade-Off: The basic concept that higher expected returns accompany greater risk, and vice versa. MORE

Roaming Agreement

Technology / Cell Phones / Roaming Agreement: An agreement between two or more wireless telephone companies outlining the terms and conditions under which the participating companies will provide wireless service to each others subscribers. Roami MORE