Blue Box Policies

Business / Agriculture / Blue Box Policies: Direct payments, under the definition of 'production-limiting' measures as defined in Article 6 of the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture, that are not subject to the commitment to reduce domestic support. To qualify for the exemption, payments must be based on fixed areas or yields, on a fixed number of livestock, or on 85% or less of the base level of production. See green box.

Other Words for Blue

Blue Adjective Synonyms: depressed, low-spirited, dispirited, sad, dismal, down, down in the mouth, gloomy, unhappy, glum, downcast, crestfallen, chap-fallen, dejected, melancholy, despondent, downhearted, morose

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Box Noun Synonyms: case, receptacle, crate, carton, container, casket, coffer, caddy, chest
Box Verb Synonyms: crate, encase, package

Green Box Policies

Business / Agriculture / Green Box Policies: Domestic or trade policies that are deemed to be minimally trade-distorting and that are excluded from reduction commitments in the Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture. Examples are domestic polici MORE

Jamaica Blue Mountain Style

Life Style / Coffee / Jamaica Blue Mountain Style: Various blends of coffee intended by their originators to approximate the qualities of authentic Jamaica Blue Mountain. These blends may contain no actual Jamaican coffee. MORE

Jamaica Blue Mountain

Life Style / Coffee / Jamaica Blue Mountain: Celebrated single-origin coffee from above 3,000 feet elevation in the Blue Mountain District of Jamaica. Can be exceptional: rich, complex, bouillon-like. More often a rather ordinary balanced, low-t MORE