Business / Agriculture / Bottom: Usually synonymous with 'vessel' or 'ship.' A ship of American registry may be referred to as a 'U.S. bottom,' whereas if registry is other than U.S., the ship, in U.S. usage, may be called a 'foreign bottom.'

Other Words for Bottom

Bottom Noun Synonyms: seat, buttocks, rear, behind, rear end, rump, posterior, hindquarters, breech, fundament, gluteus maximus, backside, butt, prat, bum , can, duff, keister or keester, hinie, arse, ass, tokus, tochis

Bottom-Up Investing

Business / Taxes / Bottom-Up Investing: When you use a bottom-up investing strategy, you focus on the potential of individual stocks, bonds, and other investments. Using this approach, for example, means you pay less attention to the econom MORE

Bottom Out

Technology / Motorcycle / Bottom Out: When the suspension runs out of travel and bumps against its internal stops. "My rear suspension bottomed out over the big bump after turn five." MORE

Bottom chord

Business / Construction / Bottom chord : The lower or bottom horizontal member of a truss. MORE

Bottom Weight

Entertainment / Bowling / Bottom Weight: The weight of a bowling ball is not always evenly distributed in the sphere. ABC rules allow a ball to vary 3 ounces from the drilled top half to bottom half of a ball, and one ounce from the left to MORE

Double Bottom

Business / Finance / Double Bottom: A market consisting of many sellers and many buyers, as opposed to a conventional auction with one market maker and many buyers. MORE

Bottom Fisher

Business / Finance / Bottom Fisher: An investor seeking stocks that have fallen to prices at or near their bottom, which he or she believes will trend up in the future. MORE