Carbon Sequestration

Business / Agriculture / Carbon Sequestration: Retention of carbon in ways that prevent or delay its emission to the atmosphere as carbon dioxide. This may help mitigate climate change by reducing the amount in the atmosphere. Silvicultural practices that encourage rapid, long term tree growth are an example. Crop residue retention practices designed to prevent erosion and improve the productivity of soil, such as conservation tillage, also retain larger amounts of carbon compared to many traditional cultivation practices.


Health / Dentistry / Carbons: Vitreous (polycrystalline or glassy) or pyrolytic graphitic structures of relatively hard, inert, and stable compounds that are conductors of thermal and electrical energy. Characterized by ionic and MORE


Life Style / Coffee / Carbony: An aromatic sensation created by a slightly volatile set of heterocyclic compounds found in coffee's aftertaste that produces either sensations similar to a creosol-like substance or a burnt substance MORE

Carbonic Maceration

Life Style / Wine / Carbonic Maceration: Whole, uncrushed grapes are fermented in a sealed vat containing a layer of carbon dioxide. This results in fruity, soft and distinct red wines. These wines have little tannin and are immediately drin MORE