Business / Agriculture / Casein: The major portion of milk protein, manufactured from skim milk and used in processed foods (such as dessert toppings and coffee whiteners) and in industrial products such as glue, paint and plastics.


Life Style / Painting / Tempera: Broadly put this term implies using pigments which are mixed with substances such as; egg white, the whole egg, egg yolk, casein, glue and gelatine. In the specialized sense it means the true egg temp MORE


Life Style / Painting / Pastels: A method of painting or drawing with sticks of dry colour which have the minimum of binder; a reason why pastel pictures keep their bright fresh look almost indefinitely. The main danger for them is c MORE


Life Style / Painting / Murals: Paintings that are executed directly on to a wall. Media can include fresco (buon and secco), oils, tempera, casein and acrylics. In all cases the painter must take great care to see that the wall is MORE


Life Style / Painting / Fresco: An art started by Minoan and other early civilizations. In antiquity they had the idea of painting fairly small portable frescoes. Some of these have been found in Crete and date from about 1000 BCE. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Ceramics: Compounds of a metal and oxygen formed of chemically and bio-chemically stable substances that are strong, hard, brittle and inert nonconductors of thermal and electrical energy. Characterized by ioni MORE