Commodity Distribution Program

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Distribution Program: This program supplies authority for the Secretary of Agriculture to use agricultural surplus removal (Section 32) and Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) funds to buy commodities for child and elderly nutrition programs. The Secretary is directed to use Section 32 funds not needed for other purposes and CCC funds (if stocks are not available) to buy commodities for donation to maintain the annually programmed level of commodity assistance for Child and Elderly Nutrition programs. The program is authorized through FY2003 under Section 14 of the National School Lunch Act (NSLA).

Other Words for Distribution

Distribution Noun Synonyms: issuance, circulation, dissemination, giving (out), dispersal, dispensation, deployment
Distribution Verb Synonyms: apportionment, allotment, allocation, assignment, parcelling or also parceling out, sharing, deployment

Other Words for Program

Program Verb Synonyms: performance, production, show, presentation, (radio or television) play, telecast, broadcast, recital, concert
Program Noun Synonyms: schedule, plan, scheme, agenda, order of the day, routine, protocol, slate, list, listing, description, outline, abstract, , calendar, menu, bill of fare, curriculum, syllabus, synopsis, summary, prospectus

Commodity Letters Of Credit (CLOC)

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Letters Of Credit (CLOC): Food instruments issued in lieu of commodities to certain designated schools participating in the National School Lunch Program. These letters of credit specify the types of foods that schools must bu MORE

Normal Probability Distribution

Business / Finance / Normal Probability Distribution: A probability distribution for a continuous random variable that forms a symmetrical bell-shaped curve around the mean. This distribution has no skewness or excess kurtosis. MORE

Non-Program Crops

Business / Agriculture / Non-Program Crops: Any agricultural commodity not covered by federal commodity programs. Program crops are wheat, corn, barley, grain sorghum, oats, upland cotton, and rice. MORE