Competitive Bidding (For WIC)

Business / Agriculture / Competitive Bidding (For WIC): With respect to the WIC program, refers to the method for containing program costs, particularly for infant formula contained in food packages: requires state WIC agencies to solicit bids to infant formula companies for the sale of their product. This is recommended but not required for other products sold through the program.

Other Words for Bidding

Bidding Noun Synonyms: invitation, summons

Keyword Bidding

Business / Internet Marketing / Keyword Bidding: Keyword Bidding is the process or method used by search engines marketers to determine the ranking of paid keywords results in AOL, Google, MSN, Yahoo, and other search engines that require pay per cl MORE

Ledger (For A Structural Floor)

Business / Construction / Ledger (For A Structural Floor): The wooden perimeter frame lumber member that bolts onto the face of a foundation wall and supports the wood structural floor. MORE

National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program (NRI)

Business / Agriculture / National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program (NRI): Generally referred to as the NRI, this program makes grants to scientists at both public and private laboratories for basic and applied agricultural research in priority areas as designated in the res MORE