Concessional (Export) Sale

Business / Agriculture / Concessional (Export) Sale: A sale in which a foreign buyer is allowed loan payment terms that are more favorable than those obtainable in the commercial market. Under P.L. 480, the concessional provisions (compared to the commercial market) may include a lengthy credit period, a grace period before repayment begins, and a low interest.

Other Words for Sale

Sale Noun Synonyms: selling, traffic, vending, marketing, trafficking, trading, trade, exchange, transaction


Business / Real Estate / Sale-Leaseback: A transaction in which an owner sells his or her improved property and, as part of the same transaction, signs a long term lease to remain in possession of the premises. MORE


Business / Accounting / Sales: Income received from selling goods or a service. See Revenue . MORE

Sale And Lease-Back

Business / Finance / Sale And Lease-Back: Sale of an existing asset to a financial institution that then leases it back to the user. Related: Lease. MORE