Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA)

Business / Agriculture / Conservation Technical Assistance (CTA): CTA has been the central activity of the Natural Resources Conservation Service since it was established in 1936. NRCS field staff help landowners and farm operators plan and implement soil and water conservation and water quality practices. The most common use of this program in recent years has been preparing and updating conservation compliance plans. In FY1993, CTA assisted 1.2 million farmers and serviced 62 million acres.

Other Words for Assistance

Assistance Noun Synonyms: help, aid, support, succor, backing, reinforcement, relief, benefit

Other Words for Conservation

Conservation Adverb Synonyms: preservation, protection, safe keeping, maintenance, upkeep, management, safeguarding, husbandry, economy

Other Words for Technical

Technical Adjective Synonyms: mechanical, applied, industrial, polytechnic, technologic(al)
Technical Noun Synonyms: complex, complicated, detailed, intricate, specialized

Section 4 General Or Basic Assistance

Business / Agriculture / Section 4 General Or Basic Assistance: This refers to the section of National School Lunch Act requiring the federal government to subsidize all lunches served through the school lunch program, regardless of the income of the participant. MORE

Section 11 Special Assistance

Business / Agriculture / Section 11 Special Assistance: This refers to the section of National School Lunch Act that provides additional cash reimbursements (or so-called special assistance payments) for free lunches and reduced price lunches to children f MORE

Rural Rental Assistance

Business / Agriculture / Rural Rental Assistance: Section 521 rental assistance available through the Rural Housing Service reduces out-of-pocket cash that very-low-income and low-income families pay for rent, including utilities. MORE