Conventional Agriculture

Business / Agriculture / Conventional Agriculture: Generally used to contrast common or traditional agricultural practices featuring heavy reliance on chemical and energy inputs typical of large-scale, mechanized farms to alternative agriculture or sustainable agriculture practices. Mold-board plowing to cover stubble, routine pesticide spraying, and use of synthetic fertilizers are examples of conventional practices that contrast to alternative practices such as no-till, integrated pest management, and use of animal and green manures.

Other Words for Conventional

Conventional Noun Synonyms: customary, habitual,ual, normal, regular, standard, orthodox, traditional, established, ordinary, everyday, common, commonplace, accustomed, received, agreed, reactionary, old-fashioned, stodgy, stuffy, old hat

Alternative Agriculture

Business / Agriculture / Alternative Agriculture: A systematic approach to farming intended to reduce agricultural pollution, enhance sustainability, and improve efficiency and profitability. Overall, alternative agriculture emphasizes management pra MORE

Department Of Agriculture Reorganization Act Of 1994

Business / Agriculture / Department Of Agriculture Reorganization Act Of 1994: Title II of P.L. 103-354 (October 13, 1994) was designated the Department of Agriculture Reorganization Act of 1994 and gave the Secretary of Agriculture broad authority to reorganize USDA to achieve MORE

Food Agriculture Conservation And Trade Act Of 1990 (FACT)

Business / Agriculture / Food Agriculture Conservation And Trade Act Of 1990 (FACT): P.L. 101-624 (November 28, 1990) was a 5-year omnibus farm bill. It continued to move agriculture in a market-oriented direction by freezing target prices and allowing more planting flexibility. New t MORE