Coordinated Review Effort (CRE)

Business / Agriculture / Coordinated Review Effort (CRE): Food and Consumer Service reviews of the National School Lunch Program conducted in cooperation with state agencies to improve the management of the programs, evaluate meal data accuracy, and provide training and technical support to schools to help improve local program accountability.

Other Words for Effort

Effort Noun Synonyms: attempt, endeavour, essay, try, venture, stab, crack
Effort Adjective Synonyms: exertion, striving, struggle, strain, labour, pains, energy, toil, application, trouble, travail, work, elbow-grease

Other Words for Review

Review Noun Synonyms: survey, examine, regard, look at, study, con, consider, weigh, inspect, look over, scrutinize
Review Verb Synonyms: criticize, critique, assess, judge, evaluate, give one's opinion of, comment on or upon, discuss

Reproductive Effort

Science / Marine Biology / Reproductive Effort: The fraction of assimilated nutrients that are devoted to reproductive behavior and gamete production MORE

Reciprocal Review

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Reciprocal Review: An appraisal method where the subordinate and the manager are evaluated by each other based on agreed-upon performance criteria. MORE

Progress Review

Business / Finance / Progress Review: A periodic review of a capital investment project to evaluate its continued economic viability. MORE

Preview Pane

Technology / Email / Preview Pane: The window in an email client that allows the user to scan message content without actually clicking on the message. See open rate. MORE

Review Hearings

Life Style / Adoption / Review Hearings: Held by the juvenile and family court to review dispositions (usually every six months) and to determine the need to maintain placement in out-of-home care or court jurisdiction of a child. MORE

Special Review

Business / Agriculture / Special Review: Formerly known as Rebuttable Presumption Against Registration (RPAR), this is a regulatory process through which existing pesticides suspected of posing unreasonable risks to human health, non-target MORE