Cost Insurance And Freight (CIF)

Business / Agriculture / Cost Insurance And Freight (CIF): In general, c.i.f. Means that the seller’s price includes the cost of the goods, the marine insurance, and all transportation charges to the named point of destination. Similar terms include C.&F., cost and freight: C.F.I., cost, freight, and insurance: C.I.F. & C., cost, insurance, freight, and commission: C.I.F.C. & I., cost, insurance, freight, commission, and interest: and C.I.F.I. & E., cost, insurance, freight, interest, and exchange. C.A.F. is the French form of C.I.F.

Other Words for Cost

Cost Noun Synonyms: sell for, get, fetch, bring in, set (someone) back
Cost Verb Synonyms: price, outlay, payment, charge, expense, expenditure, rate, tariff

Other Words for Freight

Freight Noun Synonyms: transport, transportation, carriage, conveyance, shipping, shipment, freightage, delivery
Freight Adjective Synonyms: goods, cargo, tonnage, freightage, load, boatload, shipload, lorry load, haul, consignment, payload

Other Words for Insurance

Insurance Verb Synonyms: assurance, surety, indemnity, indemnification, guarantee or guaranty, warranty, bond, security, protection, cover

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