Dietary Guidelines For Americans

Business / Agriculture / Dietary Guidelines For Americans: Dietary recommendations for healthy Americans age 2 and older about food choices that promote health, specifically with respect to prevention or delay of chronic diseases. These guidelines, which were first published in 1980, are issued every five years by USDA /HHS to reflect the latest nutrition knowledge. The guidelines will again be issued in 2000. Currently, there are seven messages that concern eating a variety of foods, balancing the foods eaten with physical activity, choosing plenty of grains, fruits and vegetables, choosing a diet low in fats, cholesterol, salt and sugar and limiting alcoholic beverages. The food guide pyramid is a practical consumer guide to using the dietary guidelines.

Other Words for For

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School Meals Initiative For Healthy Children

Business / Agriculture / School Meals Initiative For Healthy Children: Initiative undertaken by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to revise and update the nutrition standards of school meals and bring them into compliance with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and MORE

Healthy Meals For Healthy Americans Act Of 1994

Business / Agriculture / Healthy Meals For Healthy Americans Act Of 1994: P.L. 103-448 (November 2, 1994) Amendments reauthorizing several expiring programs under the National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Amendments of 1966 through FY1998. Required that federally su MORE

Normative Forecasting

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Normative Forecasting: A method of projecting future needs in order to determine what developments will be required to meet those needs. MORE