Business / Agriculture / Effluent: Waste, usually liquid, released or discharged to the environment. Generally the term refers to point source discharges of sewage or contaminated waste waters into surface waters.

Effluent Stream

Science / Geology / Effluent Stream: A stream that gains water from ground water flow. These streams are typical of humid climates where water tables are high. The discharge of an effluent stream can be sustained by ground water flow for MORE

Effluent Limitation

Business / Agriculture / Effluent Limitation: An Environmental Protection Agency 'standard of performance' reflecting the maximum degree of discharge reduction achievable by the best available technology for various categories of sources of water MORE


Business / Agriculture / Feedlot: A confined cattle feeding facility where feeder cattle (usually less than a year old) are put on higher protein rations to prepare them for slaughter as fed cattle at 'good' or better grades. Commerci MORE


Business / Agriculture / Discharge: In water resources, the term refers to the flow of surface water in a stream or canal or the outflow of ground water from a flowing artisan well, ditch, or spring. In environmental protection, the ter MORE

Biological Monitoring

Business / Agriculture / Biological Monitoring: Using living organisms to test the quality of either effluent to be discharged into receiving waters, or waters downstream from a discharge. MORE

Septic System

Business / Agriculture / Septic System: An on-site system designed to treat and dispose of domestic sewage from a residence or business not connected to a sewer line. A typical septic system consists of a tank that receives waste and holds MORE