Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Systems

Business / Agriculture / Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) Systems: Under an EBT system, recipients are issued an 'ATM-like' card and a 'personal identification number' (PIN) instead of food stamp coupons. They access their food stamp benefits when purchasing food by using the card at an approved retailer: 'swiping' the card through a point-of-sale terminal and entering their PIN. This electronically debits a 'food stamp account' maintained for them (and is replenished monthly) and credits the retailer with the purchase amount. States are permitted to issue food stamp benefits through EBT systems, and, unless a waiver is granted, must use EBT systems by 2002.

Other Words for Benefit

Benefit Noun Synonyms: advantage, profit, good, sake, gain, aid, help, service
Benefit Verb Synonyms: improve, aid, help, better, promote, further, advance, forward

Other Words for Transfer

Transfer Verb Synonyms: move, transport, convey, remove, carry, take, deliver, bring, transmit, cart, haul, shift, hand (on or over), turn over, give, pass (on or along or over)

Organ Systems

Science / Biology / Organ Systems: Groups of organs that perform related functions. MORE

Other Income Benefits

Health / Dentistry / Other Income Benefits: While disabled, an employee may be eligible for benefits from other sources. Benefits payable under the Long Term Disability plan may be reduced by other sources of income such as Social Security and MORE

Out-Of-Area Benefits

Health / Dentistry / Out-Of-Area Benefits: Benefits the health plan provides to covered persons for covered services obtained outside of the network service area. The details of such benefits will vary from plan to plan. MORE