Business / Agriculture / Epidemiology: Study of the distribution of disease, or other health-related conditions and events in human or animal populations, in order to identify health problems and possible causes.

Descriptive Epidemiology

Health / Disease / Descriptive Epidemiology: The study of the amount and distribution of a disease in a specified population by person, place, and time. MORE


Technology / Digital Cameras / Sensitivity: With traditional film cameras, sensitivity, also known as ISO, represents the film's sensitivity to light. A lower ISO number means that the film needs more light to take a picture than film with a hi MORE

Golden Age Of Microbiology

Health / Disease / Golden Age Of Microbiology: (dates vary ~ 1850-1890) A period of tremendous advances in microbiology with consequences for epidemiology and public health. Many scientists contributed but Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch made huge c MORE