Business / Agriculture / Ethanol: C2H5OH: the alcohol product of carbohydrate fermentation used in alcoholic beverages and for industrial purposes (also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol). It is blended with gasoline to make gasohol. In the 1998/99 corn marketing year, about 540 million bushels (5.5%% of the corn crop and 7.2% of domestic use) will be used to produce about 1.5 billion gallons of ethanol.


Business / Agriculture / Methanol: A liquid alcohol (also known as methyl alcohol or wood alcohol), formed in the destructive distillation of wood or made synthetically, and used especially as an alternative fuel, a gasoline additive, MORE

Coal Liquefaction

Science / Geology / Coal Liquefaction: The process of converting solid coal into a liquid fuel such as synthetic crude oil or methanol. MORE


Science / Chemistry / Methyl: A group -CH3, derived from methane. For example, CH3Cl is 'methyl chloride' (systematic name: chloromethane); CH3OH is 'methyl alcohol' (systematic name: methanol). MORE