Export Administration Act (EAA) Of 1979

Business / Agriculture / Export Administration Act (EAA) Of 1979: P.L. 96-72 (September 29, 1979) provides legal authority to the President to control U.S. exports for reasons of national security, foreign policy, and/or short supply. However, the FACT Act of 1990 (P.L. 101-624) provides for contract sanctity by prohibiting the President from restricting the export of any agricultural commodity already under contract for delivery within 270 days from the date the embargo is imposed, except during national emergency or war. With the expiration of EAA in 1994, the President declared a national emergency and exercised authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act to continue the EAA export control regulations then in effect by issuing Executive Order 12924 on August 19, 1994, last extended by the Presidential Notice of August 13, 1998.

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Act Verb Synonyms: behave (oneself), carry on, deport oneself, comport oneself, conduct oneself
Act Noun Synonyms: deed, action, undertaking, operation, step, move, feat, exploit, accomplishment, achievement

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Administration Noun Synonyms: management, direction, conduct, supervision, oversight, superintendence, regulation, charge

Out-Of-The-Money Option

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Outside Of You

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