Extra-Long Staple (ELS) Cotton

Business / Agriculture / Extra-Long Staple (ELS) Cotton: Also called American Pima, this cotton has a staple length of 1-3/8' or more, is characterized by fineness and high fiber strength, and is used in high-value products such as sewing thread and expensive apparel. It is grown chiefly in west Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. ELS cotton and upland cotton are both eligible for nonrecourse loans. However, ELS cotton is not eligible for marketing loan repayment provisions or loan deficiency payments.

Other Words for Staple

Staple Adjective Synonyms: standard,ual, habitual, ordinary, customary, prevailing, normal, conventional, universal
Staple Noun Synonyms: basic, elementary, essential, necessary, requisite, required, vital, indispensable, critical, fundamental, primary, principal, main, chief

Northern Europe (NE) Cotton Price

Business / Agriculture / Northern Europe (NE) Cotton Price: An average of the five lowest prices of several internationally-traded cottons (including cost, insurance, and freight) quoted for delivery in Northern Europe. The NE price is used by USDA in its form MORE

New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE)

Business / Finance / New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE): Commodities exchange in New York trading futures and options on cotton, frozen concentrated orange juice, and potatoes, as well as interest rate, currency, and index futures and options. MORE


Business / Agriculture / Staple: A commodity that is widely and regularly produced and consumed (i.e., wheat, rice, potatoes). A term used to designated the length of fiber in cotton and wool. MORE