Business / Agriculture / Farmland: Land used for agricultural purposes. The federal government recognizes prime farmland and unique farmland as the most important categories. According to USDA, the United States has had roughly 1 billion acres of farmland. Farmland consists of cropland, pastureland, and grazing land.

Unique Farmland

Business / Agriculture / Unique Farmland: Land, other than prime farmland, that has combined conditions to produce sustained high quality and high yields of specialty crops, such as citrus, nuts, fruits, and vegetables when properly managed. MORE

Prime Farmland

Business / Agriculture / Prime Farmland: Land that is best suited to and available for the production of food, feed, forage, fiber, and oilseed crops. It can be cropland, pastureland, rangeland, forestland, or other land. It has the soil qua MORE

Farmland Protection Program (FPP)

Business / Agriculture / Farmland Protection Program (FPP): A program established by the FAIR Act of 1996 to fund the purchase of conservation easements of 170,000-340,000 acres of land having prime or unique soil or other desirable production qualities that a MORE

Farmland Protection

Business / Agriculture / Farmland Protection: Programs, operated mostly at state and local levels by government agencies or private entities such as land trusts, that are designed to limit conversion of agricultural land to other uses that otherw MORE

Pfiesteria Piscicida

Business / Agriculture / Pfiesteria Piscicida: A microbe that has been linked to massive fish kills in Maryland, Delaware and North Carolina. Some scientists believe pfiesteria’s growth is fostered by nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus fr MORE

Agricultural Zoning

Business / Agriculture / Agricultural Zoning: A designation intended to protect farmland and farming activities from incompatible nonfarm uses. Agricultural zoning can specify many factors, such as the uses allowed, minimum farm size, the number MORE