Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC)

Business / Agriculture / Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC): The wholly owned federal corporation within USDA that administers the federal crop insurance program. The FAIR Act of 1996 created an Office Of Risk Management (which USDA has renamed the Risk Management Agency), which houses the FCIC.

Other Words for Insurance

Insurance Verb Synonyms: assurance, surety, indemnity, indemnification, guarantee or guaranty, warranty, bond, security, protection, cover


Science / Psychiatry / Macropsia: The visual perception that objects are larger than they actually are. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Macroplankton: Planktonic organisms that are 200-2,000 micrometers in size. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Macrophyte: An individual alga large enough to be seen easily with the unaided eye MORE

Medigap Insurance Policies

Health / Health Insurance / Medigap Insurance Policies: Medigap insurance is offered by private insurance companies, not the government. It is not the same as Medicare or Medicaid. These policies are designed to pay for some of the costs that Medicare does MORE

Microphone (Mike)

Technology / Television (TV) / Microphone (Mike): Device used to record sound. The pickup pattern of a microphone may be omnidirectional or cardioid. See also lavaliere microphone and hypercardioid microphone. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Micropolyphony: Twentieth century technique encompassing the complex interweaving of all musical elements. MORE