Federal Crop Insurance Reform Act Of 1994

Business / Agriculture / Federal Crop Insurance Reform Act Of 1994: This Act is Title I of P.L. 103-354 (October 4, 1994). Beginning with the 1995 crops, it modifies the federal crop insurance program by authorizing a new catastrophic (CAT) coverage level available to farmers. The premium on this level of coverage (crop losses in excess of 50% receiving a payment of 60% of the market price of the insured crop) is 100% subsidized by the government, but requires a farmer to pay a $50 per crop per county administrative fee. The Act allows farmers to purchase additional insurance coverage providing higher yield or price protection levels, with the premium on this buyup coverage partially subsidized by the government. The Act also creates the Noninsured Assistance Program (NAP), a permanent disaster payment program for crops not covered by crop insurance. The 1994 Act amends and in many cases suppresses major portions of the Federal Crop Insurance Act of 1980 (P.L. 96-365, September 26, 1980) which serves as the authorizing statute for the federal crop insurance program. The 1980 Act expanded the scope of the crop insurance program and permitted USA to subsidize farmer premium payments.

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Crop Insurance

Business / Agriculture / Crop Insurance: Insurance that protects farmers from crop losses due to natural hazards. Hail and fire insurance are offered through private companies without federal subsidy. A subsidized multiperil federal insuranc MORE

Catastrophic Crop Insurance (CAT)

Business / Agriculture / Catastrophic Crop Insurance (CAT): A component of the federal crop insurance program, authorized by the Federal Crop Insurance Reform Act of 1994, that compensates farmers for crop yield losses exceeding 50% of their average historical MORE

Organic Coffee

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