Food And Agriculture Councils (Facs)

Business / Agriculture / Food And Agriculture Councils (Facs): These councils were instituted in 1982 by USDA to function as interagency coordinating groups on three levels: national, state, and local. The state facs are composed of senior level officials of individual USDA agencies within each state, and in recent years they have played a major role in managing the reorganization and 'downsizing' of USDA’s field office structure. Local facs have consisted of USDA representatives at county or area-wide levels: and a national FAC at USDA’s Washington headquarters has served as a liaison with the state and local facs.

Other Words for Food

Food Verb Synonyms: nourishment, nutriment, aliment, sustenance, subsistence, foodstuffs, edibles, eatables, viands, bread, victuals, rations, provisions, comestibles, commons, grub, eats, chow, scoff, prog

Price Elasticity Of Demand

Business / Agriculture / Price Elasticity Of Demand: The relationship between the change in the price of a commodity and the corresponding change in the quantity that is sold. If a small change in the price is accompanied by a relatively large change in MORE

Precautionary Demand (For Money)

Business / Finance / Precautionary Demand (For Money): The need to meet unexpected or extraordinary contingencies with a buffer stock of cash. MORE

Primary Standard

Science / Chemistry / Primary Standard: A stable, high-purity material used in titrations and other chemical analyses to prepare solutions of precisely known concentration, or to determine the concentrations of substances which react with t MORE