Food Guide Pyramid

Business / Agriculture / Food Guide Pyramid: A graphic developed by USDA as the consumer guide to implementing the dietary guidelines in their own food choices. It consists of a six food groups and suggests the foods and number of servings from each group that should be consumed daily. At the bottom is the grains group, of which 6-11 servings should be consumed daily. The next level up contains the vegetable group (3-5 servings) and the fruits group (2-4 servings). The third level contains the dairy group (2-3 servings) and the protein group (2-3 servings). At the top of the pyramid is the group that should be eaten sparingly, which includes fats, oils and sweets. USDA published a Kids’ Food Pyramid in the spring of 1999.

Other Words for Food

Food Verb Synonyms: nourishment, nutriment, aliment, sustenance, subsistence, foodstuffs, edibles, eatables, viands, bread, victuals, rations, provisions, comestibles, commons, grub, eats, chow, scoff, prog

Other Words for Guide

Guide Noun Synonyms: lead, show or lead the way, conduct, shepherd, direct,her, steer, orient or orientate
Guide Verb Synonyms: instruct, teach, tutor, train

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