Household (Foodstamp)

Business / Agriculture / Household (Foodstamp): A food stamp household is composed of all those who purchase food and prepare meals in common. All related co-residents must apply as a single food stamp household, no matter how they purchase and prepare food - except for elderly persons who are medically certified as unable to purchase and prepare meals separately. Other co-residents may apply separately if they purchase and prepare food separately, and residents in certain eligible institutional settings (e.g., shelters for battered women, residential drug treatment programs) may apply as separate households no matter how they purchase and prepare food.

Television Households

Technology / Television (TV) / Television Households: An estimate of the number of households that have one or more television sets. MORE

Viewers Per Viewing Household (VPVH)

Technology / Television (TV) / Viewers Per Viewing Household (VPVH): The number of viewing persons per tuning household: usually reported as 'per 1000 viewing households.' MORE

Households Using Television (HUT)

Technology / Television (TV) / Households Using Television (HUT): The percentage of all television households in a survey area with one or more sets in use during a specific time period. MORE