Import License

Business / Agriculture / Import License: A document required and issued by some national governments authorizing the importation of specified goods into their respective countries. When used in a discriminatory manner, these licenses can become nontariff trade barriers.

Other Words for Import

Import Verb Synonyms: meaning, sense, denotation, signification, gist, drift, thrust, intention, implication, purport, connotation, suggestion, allusion, intimation
Import Adjective Synonyms: introduce, bring in

Other Words for License

License Noun Synonyms: leave, permission, liberty, authorization, authority, entitlement, dispensation, right, carte blanche, freedom, latitude, free choice, privilege, charter

Import Fee

Business / Agriculture / Import Fee: Generally, an import fee is a charge assessed for a service rendered. For example, when an import stamp or import license is issued, the government assesses a fee for this service. Within the context MORE

Licensed Game

Entertainment / Video Games / Licensed Game: A game based on a property that isn't owned by the publisher. For instance, THQ made a Battlebots game. THQ didn't have the rights to make a game using the name 'Battlebots' until they got a license f MORE

Licensed Developer

Entertainment / Video Games / Licensed Developer: A company who makes games under the permission of the hardware manufacturer. For example, a developer who wants to make PS2 games must obtain a license from Sony. MORE


Business / Accounting / License: The right to perform certain activities, generally granted by a governmental agency. MORE

Licensed Publisher

Entertainment / Video Games / Licensed Publisher: A publishing company that has secured permission (from a platform holder) to publish games on a particular platform. MORE

Noncompetitive Imports

Business / Agriculture / Noncompetitive Imports: A term used by the Economic Research Service in its reporting of agricultural trade statistics to refer to imports of commodities not produced in the United States. Commodities such as tea, bananas, o MORE