Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC)

Business / Agriculture / Interstate Shellfish Sanitation Conference (ISSC): The federal-state-industry cooperative body which manages the National Shellfish Sanitation Program.

Other Words for Conference

Conference Verb Synonyms: meeting, convention, symposium, congress, seminar, forum, colloquium, discussion, talk, colloquy, bull session

Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking And Branching Efficiency Act Of 1994

Business / Finance / Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking And Branching Efficiency Act Of 1994: Law permitting interstate banking in the U.S. MORE

On The Interstate

Entertainment / Baseball / On The Interstate: Hitting between .100 and .199. The phrase comes from the fact that Interstate highways often have numbers in the 100s, such as I-195. ("With his .176 average, Larvell Blanks has been on the interstate MORE

Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact

Business / Agriculture / Northeast Interstate Dairy Compact: An agreement among the six New England States to support the farm price of milk used for fluid consumption at a higher level than under current federally mandated minimum prices in the region. Current MORE

Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (Ssops)

Business / Agriculture / Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (Ssops): Refers to the cleaning procedures that meat and poultry plants use, both before and during production, to prevent contamination of products. Site-specific ssops were required to be implemented in Janu MORE

United Nations Conference On Trade And Development (UNCTAD)

Business / Agriculture / United Nations Conference On Trade And Development (UNCTAD): A UN agency that focuses attention on international economic relations and on measures that might be taken by developed countries to accelerate economic development in developing countries. MORE

Western Conference

Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Western Conference: The renamed cambell conference beginning with the 1993-94 season which contains the central, northwest and pacific divisions. MORE