Business / Agriculture / Legumes: A family of plants, including many valuable food, forage and cover species, such as peas, beans, soybeans, peanuts, clovers, alfalfas, sweet clovers, lespedezas, vetches, and kudzu. Sometimes referred to as nitrogen-fixing plants, they can convert nitrogen from the air to build up nitrogen in the soil. Legumes are an important rotation crop because of their nitrogen-fixing property.

Hyperbaric Resonator Impulse

Technology / Home Audio / Hyperbaric Resonator Impulse: An audible event characterized by a sudden and often unexpected pressure wave emanating from a vent port with a driver whose energetic and propulsive energy transitions, are generated by a process inv MORE

Sleep Movement

Science / Biology / Sleep Movement: In legumes, the movement of the leaves in response to daily rhythms of dark and light. The leaves are horizontal in daylight and folded vertically at night. MORE

Set-Aside Program

Business / Agriculture / Set-Aside Program: A program (not used since the late 1970s) under which farmers are required to set aside a certain percentage of their total planted acreage and devote this land to approved conservation uses (such as MORE