Business / Agriculture / Mulch: A natural or artificial layer of plant residue or other material on the soil surface. Mulch reduces erosion, conserves soil moisture, inhibits weed growth, and can provide the soil with organic matter as it breaks down. Mulch till prepares the soil so as to leave plant residues (or other mulching materials) on or near the surface.


Business / Agriculture / Stubble-Mulching: Leaving the stubble or crop residue essentially in place on the land as a surface cover during a fallow period. Stubble-mulching can prevent erosion from wind or water and conserve soil moisture. MORE

St. Croix

Life Style / Wine Grapes / St. Croix: Patented cold hardy American hybrid suitable for Wine, Juice and Table production. Reported by growers to be hardy to -30 deg. F. (ca -32 C.), lower if snow/mulch covered. Disease resistant and ripens MORE

Dryland Farming

Business / Agriculture / Dryland Farming: A system of producing crops in semi-arid regions (usually with less than 20 inches of annual rainfall) without irrigation. Dryland farmers often try to rebuild soil moisture by leaving the land fallow MORE