Business / Agriculture / NEC: The White House National Economic Council, which in 1998 began examining some aspects of mergers in various U.S. industries: agricultural interests in 1998 and early 1999 were seeking to include agriculture as one of the industries.

Connective Tissue Massage

Health / Massage / Connective Tissue Massage: Also known as bindegewebsmassage, Connective Tissue Massage (CTM) techniques are designed to specifically affect the connective tissue of the body. CTM was developed in Germany by Elizabeth Dicke. Aft MORE

Video Connector

Technology / Television (TV) / Video Connector: The connector on the video card or computer's graphics output that the monitor cable is connected to. MORE

Connective Tissue

Science / Biology / Connective Tissue: Animal tissue composed of cells embedded in a matrix (gel, elastic fibers, liquid, or inorganic minerals). Includes loose, dense, and fibrous connective tissues that provide strength (bone, cartilage) MORE

Pin-Type Connectors

Technology / Home Audio / Pin-Type Connectors: Will work with both spring clip and binding post terminals. This is probably the best type for connecting a thick, heavy-gauge wire to a small spring clip connector. On a 5-way binding post, this slen MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Anecdote: A short narrative account of an amusing, unusual, revealing, or interesting event. A good anecdote has a single, definite point, and the setting, dialogue, and characters are usually subordinate to th MORE


Entertainment / Literature / Synecdoche: A rhetorical trope involving a part of an object representing the whole, or the whole of an object representing a part. For instance, a writer might state, 'Twenty eyes watched our every move.' Rather MORE