Nonrenewable Resources

Business / Agriculture / Nonrenewable Resources: Nonrenewable resources, in contrast to renewable resources, do not naturally replenish themselves within time limits that permit sustained yield (i.e., minerals and hydrocarbons, such as phosphate rock, limestone, petroleum). Nonrenewable resources may be called stock resources because of their fixed supply. Some resources, such as soil and water, can be termed either nonrenewable or renewable depending on circumstances. For example, some underground reservoirs replenish so slowly they are effectively nonrenewable, such as the Ogalala Aquifer. Soil that is eroding faster than its T value faces eventual depletion.

Other Words for Resources

Resources Noun Synonyms: initiative, ingenuity, talent, inventiveness, imagination, imaginativeness, cleverness, quick-wittedness, capability, resourcefulness, aptitude, qualifications, strength, quality, forte, gumption, guts

Nonrenewable Resource

Science / Marine Biology / Nonrenewable Resource: A resource that is in limited supply and can't be replenished by natural processes, at least not for thousands of years or more. Fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources. Compare renewable resource. MORE

Renewable Resources

Business / Agriculture / Renewable Resources: Natural resources, sometimes called flow resources, that replenish themselves within time limits that permit sustained use, in contrast to nonrenewable resources. Congress recognized the renewable nat MORE

Wasting Natural Resources

Science / Geology / Wasting Natural Resources: Mineral resources that can be extracted by people but which can not be readily replaced by the actions of people or nature. Oil, gas, coal, iron ore, gold, stone, sand and gravel are examples. MORE