Ocean Freight Differential (Under P.L. 480)

Business / Agriculture / Ocean Freight Differential (Under P.L. 480): The difference between the cost of P.L. 480 shipments that are required to be carried on U.S. flag vessels compared to the cost that would have been incurred had they been carried on lower cost foreign bottoms. The U.S. government pays this difference either by paying the total freight, if the sale is made under Title II of P.L. 480, or by reimbursing the recipient country or private grain company (whichever pays the shipping) if the sale is made under Title I of P.L. 480.

Other Words for Freight

Freight Noun Synonyms: transport, transportation, carriage, conveyance, shipping, shipment, freightage, delivery
Freight Adjective Synonyms: goods, cargo, tonnage, freightage, load, boatload, shipload, lorry load, haul, consignment, payload

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Ocean Noun Synonyms: (deep blue) sea, (bounding) main, high seas, the deep, Davy Jones's locker, the depths, the briny, the drink

Oceanic Ridge

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