Paid Diversion

Business / Agriculture / Paid Diversion: A program, repealed by the FAIR Act of 1996, under which farmers were paid to voluntarily take acreage out of production. The diverted land was devoted to approved conservation practices. Unlike acreage reduction and set-aside programs, participation in a paid diversion program was not normally a condition of eligibility for other support program benefits.

Other Words for Diversion

Diversion Verb Synonyms: digression, deviation, departure, distraction
Diversion Noun Synonyms: detour, sidetrack, deviation, bypass, deviation

Acreage Diversion Programs

Business / Agriculture / Acreage Diversion Programs: Historically, commodity programs included provisions to reduce commodity supplies by diverting acreage to non-crop uses. Examples include paid diversion, unpaid diversion, set-aside, and acreage reduc MORE

Prepaid Group Legal Plan

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Prepaid Group Legal Plan: A benefit plan that provides employees, their spouses or dependents with assistance in obtaining legal services, which have been prepaid in whole or in part by the employer. MORE

Prepaid Group Practices

Health / Health Insurance / Prepaid Group Practices: Term originally used to describe healthcare systems that later became known as health maintenance organizations. MORE