Residual Supplier

Business / Agriculture / Residual Supplier: A country that supplies the world market only after importers have met their initial needs from preferred suppliers. A residual supplier is not initially competitive because of higher prices or lower quality. The United States used to be considered a residual supplier of grains because its commodity support programs kept U.S. grain prices higher than those of competing exporters.

Other Words for Residual

Residual Noun Synonyms: remaining, leftover, surplus, spare, extra, residuary

Residual Sugar

Life Style / Wine / Residual Sugar: The amount of sugar left in the wine after alcoholic fermentation. Residual sugar may be the result of high must weight, or the termination of fermentation before all the sugar has been converted into MORE

Residual Stress

Business / Machine Shop / Residual Stress: Stress present in a joint member or material that is free of external forces or thermal gradients. MORE

Residual Spraying

Health / Disease / Residual Spraying: The application of small amounts of insecticide to the interior walls of houses to kill and repel malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. DDT is the most common chemical used because it remains toxic to mosq MORE