School Meals Initiative For Healthy Children

Business / Agriculture / School Meals Initiative For Healthy Children: Initiative undertaken by the Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) to revise and update the nutrition standards of school meals and bring them into compliance with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, and to assure that school children have access to healthful nutritious meals that taste good. Includes efforts to improve the quality of commodities provided to schools and provide training and technical assistance.

Other Words for For

For Noun Synonyms: representing, championing, in favour of, on or and also in behalf of, on the side of, in support of, in the service of, as a service to, for the benefit of, pro
For Preposition Synonyms: instead of, in place of, representing, as a replacement for, on or and in behalf of, in return or exchange for, in compensation or recompense or payment or repayment for, in requital for

Other Words for Healthy

Healthy Noun Synonyms: well, fit, trim, in good or fine fettle or shape, in good health, robust, hale (and hearty), sturdy, strong, vigorous, thriving, flourishing, in the pink

Other Words for Initiative

Initiative Noun Synonyms: first move or step, lead, opening move

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School Adjective Synonyms: (educational) institution, kindergarten, nursery school, primary or grammar or secondary or high school, institute, college, university, seminary, Alma Mater, boarding-school, day-school, public school, private school, State school, lyc‚e, Lyceum, Br
School Noun Synonyms: set, coterie, circle, clique, group, denomination, faction, sect, followers, devotees, adherents, votaries, disciples, style, kind, form, manner, fashion

Normative Forecasting

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Normative Forecasting: A method of projecting future needs in order to determine what developments will be required to meet those needs. MORE

North Fork

Life Style / Wine Grapes / North Fork: Has synonym name G-2861. Variety released from the Missouri State Fruit Experiment Station in 1947. Reported as derived from a Agawam x Early Daisy cross. Heavy cropping variety that ripens a week bef MORE


Business / Finance / Not-For-Profit: An organization established for charitable, humanitarian, or educational purposes that is exempt from some taxes and in which no one in profits or losses. MORE