Shippers Export Declaration (SED)

Business / Agriculture / Shippers Export Declaration (SED): A form required by the government for the compilation of official export statistics and for export control purposes. It is necessary on practically every commercial shipment leaving the United States with the exception of mail shipments of small value. The export declaration form is 7525, and form 7513 is used for in-transit merchandise.

Other Words for Declaration

Declaration Noun Synonyms: statement, assertion, attestation, deposition, asseveration, affirmation, avowal, announcement, proclamation, pronouncement, profession

Intermediate Export Credit Guarantee Program (GSM-103)

Business / Agriculture / Intermediate Export Credit Guarantee Program (GSM-103): One of CCC’s export credit guarantee programs. See GSM-103. MORE

Method Declaration

Technology / Programming / Method Declaration: This is the declaration of a function within a class, where its signature is defined. In c++, this is often done in the .h header file: int chartoint(char ch):, in arduino this is also sometimes done MORE

Negative Declaration

Business / Real Estate / Negative Declaration: A declaration by a developer that a project will not have a negative impact on the environment. MORE