Site Loans

Business / Agriculture / Site Loans: Section 523 loans and Section 524 loans are for acquiring and developing land for low- and moderate-income rural residents.

Other Words for Site

Site Verb Synonyms: location, place, plot, plat, spot, locale, area, milieu, neighborhood, locality, purlieus, placement, position, situation, orientation

Section 523 Loans

Business / Agriculture / Section 523 Loans: A mutual self-help rural housing program authorized under Section 523 of the Housing Act of 1949 and administered by the Rural Housing Service. Nonprofit organizations may obtain 2-year loans to purch MORE

Section 524 Loans

Business / Agriculture / Section 524 Loans: Land acquisition and development loans authorized under Section 524 of the Housing Act of 1949. Nonprofit organizations and Indian tribes may obtain loans from the Rural Housing Service to purchase an MORE

Receptor Sites

Health / Dentistry / Receptor Sites: Areas in bone or soft tissue which are prepared to receive an implant. MORE

Receptor Site Former

Health / Dentistry / Receptor Site Former: A duplicate form of a root shaped or blade shaped body of an implant. Designed to form an osseous implant receptor site for implant shapes that are not prepared with rotating instruments. Utilized for MORE

Rescheduled Loans

Business / Finance / Rescheduled Loans: Bank loans that are usually altered to have longer maturities in order to assist the borrower in making the necessary repayments. MORE

Restriction Enzyme Cutting Site

Science / Genetics / Restriction Enzyme Cutting Site: A specific nucleotide sequence of dna at which a particular restriction enzyme cuts the dna. Some sites occur frequently in dna (e.g., every several hundred base pairs), others much less frequently (r MORE