State And Private Forestry

Business / Agriculture / State And Private Forestry: A branch of the Forest Service providing technical and financial assistance to states and to private landowners for forest management and for forest health.

Other Words for Private

Private Adjective Synonyms: personal, individual, own, intimate, particular
Private Noun Synonyms: (top) secret, confidential, undisclosed, hidden, clandestine, concealed, covert, surreptitious, off the record, not for publication, unofficial, hush-hush

Other Words for State

State Noun Synonyms: governmental, government, national, federal
State Adjective Synonyms: condition(s), circumstance(s), situation, state of affairs, status, shape, position

Push Hand

Health / Tai Chi / Push Hand: A drill or game in Tai Chi that allows students to practice their tai chi skills, energetics and movement against an opponent. There are many variations of push hands. MORE

Purpose Statement

Business / Finance / Purpose Statement: A form filed by a borrower that describes the use of a loan backed by securities, and guarantees that the funds lent will not be used illegally to buy securities against Federal Reserve regulations. MORE

Purchases Of PP and E

Business / Finance / Purchases Of PP and E: The acquisition cost of new property, plant and equipment assets in a given year, minus the proceeds from the sale of existing PP&E. See also depreciation. MORE

push hands

Health / Tai Chi / push hands: Training with a partner to learn Tai chi principles. Using principles of 'sticking' or adhereing, following the energy and yielding, each player attempts to uproot the other. MORE

Putback And Tip-In

Entertainment / Basketball / Putback And Tip-In: A putback describes a situation where a player secures an offensive rebound then immediately scores a basket. If the player secures the rebound while in the air, to be considered a putback the player MORE

Quartzose Sandstone

Science / Geology / Quartzose Sandstone: (1) A quartz arenite. (2) A clean quartz sandstone, less pure than a quartz arenite, that may contain a moderate amount of other detrital minerals and/or calcite cement. MORE