State Trading Enterprises (Stes)

Business / Agriculture / State Trading Enterprises (Stes): Stes are enterprises authorized to engage in trade (exporting and/or importing) that are owned, sanctioned, or otherwise supported by government. Stes are legitimate trading entities and are subject to GATT rules. Examples include the Canadian Wheat Board, the Australian Wheat Board, and the New Zealand Dairy Board. Some U.S. agricultural producers think, however, that stes through their exercise of monopoly power and government support may distort trade in their respective commodities.

Other Words for State

State Adjective Synonyms: condition(s), circumstance(s), situation, state of affairs, status, shape, position
State Noun Synonyms: governmental, government, national, federal

Standard State

Science / Chemistry / Standard State: A set of conditions defined to allow convenient comparison of thermodynamic properties. The standard state for a gas is the the state of the pure substance in the gaseous phase at the standard pressur MORE

Single-Step Income Statement

Business / Accounting / Single-Step Income Statement: An income statement where all the revenues are shown as a single total rather than being split up into different types of revenue (this is the most common format for very small businesses). See Profit MORE

State Agricultural Experiment Stations (SAES)

Business / Agriculture / State Agricultural Experiment Stations (SAES): The Hatch Act of 1887 established an agricultural experiment station to be affiliated with the land grant college of agriculture in each state. Research done at these stations underpins the curriculum MORE