Business / Agriculture / Stocks: Commercial grain stocks include domestic grain in storage in public and private elevators at important markets and grain afloat in vessels or barges in lake and seaboard ports. Commercial stocks plus government-owned stocks constitute total stocks. Information on grain stock levels is half of the supply demand equation that determines price levels.

Free Stocks

Business / Agriculture / Free Stocks: Commodity stocks owned by farmers or others in the trade, rather than by those owned or controlled by the government. (Supplies in the Food Security Commodity Reserve are government-controlled and not MORE

Screen Stocks

Business / Finance / Screen Stocks: To analyze various stocks in search of stocks that meet predetermined criteria. For example, a simple value screen would sort all stocks by their price-to-book ratio and pick the stocks with the lowes MORE

Listed Stocks

Business / Finance / Listed Stocks: Stocks that are traded on an exchange. MORE