Summer Fallow

Business / Agriculture / Summer Fallow: Cropland in semi-arid regions that is purposely kept out of production during a cropping season mainly to conserve moisture for the next season. It is common for wheat producers in semi-arid regions to rotate half their cropland to summer fallow each year.

Fallow Cropland

Business / Agriculture / Fallow Cropland: Cropland left idle during the growing season, sometimes called summer fallow. It may be tilled or sprayed to control weeds and conserve moisture in the soil. The amount of cultivated summer fallow has MORE

Summer Hours

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Summer Hours : A type of compressed work week scheduling arrangement which allows employees to work longer hours Monday through Thursday and fewer hours on Friday during the summer months. MORE

Summer Rules

Entertainment / Golf / Summer Rules: Another way some people use to indicate that the ball will be played 'down' or 'as it lies' (as opposed to 'lift, clean and place,' 'preferred lies' or 'winter rules') MORE

Summer Solstice

Life Style / Holiday / Summer Solstice: This joyful Jewish harvest festival lasts nine days in September or October. It begins five days after Yom Kippur, on the day of the full moon. It involves three celebrations: The Festival of Ingather MORE

Summer Time

Science / Tides and Currents / Summer Time: British name for daylight saving time. MORE

Summer Food Service Program (SFSP)

Business / Agriculture / Summer Food Service Program (SFSP): The SFSP operates in low-income areas during the summer months to provide meals and snacks to children in summer day camps. Federal support consists of guaranteed cash and commodity assistance and sup MORE