Business / Agriculture / Surplus: The amount by which available supplies are greater than the quantity that will bring producers an adequate income. A surplus may be due to production outrunning demand, a decline in consumption, or a general decline in consumer income or buying power. Historically, commodity programs have been designed to deal with 'problems' of surplus, and the Secretary of Agriculture has had discretion to determine whether an item is in surplus and should be removed from market channels to shore up prices. Approaches have included cropland diversion to reduce production, long-term storage of excess supplies, and purchase and donation of surplus items for foreign or domestic food program use.

Other Words for Surplus

Surplus Verb Synonyms: excess, leftover, extra, spare, over-abundant, superfluous, unused, redundant
Surplus Noun Synonyms: surplusage, overage, excess, leftover(s), surfeit, over-abundance, oversupply, overdose, glut

Acquired Surplus

Business / Finance / Acquired Surplus: The surplus acquired when a company is purchased in a pooling of interests combination, i.e. the net worth not considered to be capital stock. MORE

Regulatory Surplus

Business / Finance / Regulatory Surplus: The surplus as measured using regulatory accounting principles (RAP), which may allow the nonmarket valuation of assets or liabilities and which may be materially different from economic surplus. MORE

Federal Deficit (Surplus)

Business / Finance / Federal Deficit (Surplus): Agencies of the federal government set up to supply credit to various classes of institutions and individuals, e.g., S&Ls, small business firms, students, farmers, and exporters. MORE