Business / Agriculture / Tender: As a verb, tender announces the intention of delivering a notice or an actual commodity: i.e., XYZ Grain Growers, Inc., tenders six cars to North Pacific at the time of shipment for application on an open sales contract. As a noun, tender normally denotes a notice of an intent to buy. The tender usually spells out in detail quantities to be purchased, desired quality, time of shipment, country of origin, and all inspection, weighing, and payment terms. Overseas buyers usually issue tenders to ensure the maximum competition for a given piece of business. Also, the action of receiving offers, determining the best one, deciding whether, and how much, to buy, and announcing the awards of contracts. Ordinarily, a buyer reserves the right to reject any or all of the offers submitted.

Other Words for Tender

Tender Verb Synonyms: chewable, edible, eatable, soft
Tender Adjective Synonyms: gentle, soft, delicate, light, sensitive, soothing
Tender Noun Synonyms: sensitive, delicate, fragile, frail, infirm, unstable, shaky, weak, feeble, unwell, sickly, ailing, unsound

Blitzkrieg Tender Offer

Business / Finance / Blitzkrieg Tender Offer: In the context of a takeover, refers to a tender offer that is priced so attractively that the tender is completed quickly. MORE


Entertainment / Ice Hockey / Goaltender: The defensive player normally stationed directly in front of the goal cage, whose primary job is to prevent goals by the other team. The goaltender wears special protective equipment and is given some MORE

Remote Extender

Technology / Television (TV) / Remote Extender: A remote extender is a device that allows you to use an Infrared (IR) remote to control a satellite receiver from another room. MORE