Business / Agriculture / Terrace: An embankment, ridge, or leveled strip constructed across sloping soils on the contour, or at right angle to the slope. The terrace intercepts surface runoff so that it can soak into the soil or flow slowly to a prepared outlet, decreasing rates of soil erosion.

Terraced Dynamics

Entertainment / Music / Terraced Dynamics: Expressive style typical of Baroque music in which volume levels shift based on the playing forces used. MORE

Wave-Cut Terrace

Science / Geology / Wave-Cut Terrace: A level surface formed by wave erosion of coastal bedrock to the bottom of the turbulent breaker zone. May appear above sea level if uplifted. MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Vermentino: Reported by some to be identical to the Rolle vinifera variety. Also has at least 20 other synonym names according to the Geilweilerhof Database (above). This named grape is famously grown on the terr MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Bosco: White-wine producing variety mainly found in the Liguria region coastline DOC of Italy. Has synonym name Madea. Used to make the mildly aromatic, dry blend known as 'Cinque Terre' that includes the gr MORE


Life Style / Wine Grapes / Bernarde: Variety grown in the Valais region of Switzerland. Has the premier synonym name Prie Blanc where grown in the Valle d'Aosta, Italy. In this latter region it is used to produce a sought after wine, 'Bl MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Step: Ridges or creases commonly seen around the circumference of steel shafts, creating a terraced taper in the shaft rather than the smooth continuous taper seen in most graphite shafts MORE