Timber Sale

Business / Agriculture / Timber Sale: A contract for the sale of federal timber to a private purchaser with the right to cut and remove trees for an agreed-upon stumpage price: the contract includes an estimated volume of wood and an appraised stumpage price, which is the basis for competitive bidding by purchasers.

Other Words for Sale

Sale Noun Synonyms: selling, traffic, vending, marketing, trafficking, trading, trade, exchange, transaction

Other Words for Timber

Timber Verb Synonyms: trees, forest, woodland
Timber Noun Synonyms: material, potential, stuff, character, quality, talent, prospect

Salvage Sales

Business / Agriculture / Salvage Sales: Timber sales from national forests primarily to remove dead, infested, damaged, or down trees and associated trees for stand improvement: controversial partly because there are no standards for the nu MORE

Below-Cost Timber Sale

Business / Agriculture / Below-Cost Timber Sale: A timber sale from national forest lands in which the expected federal revenues are less than the estimated federal expenses to sell the timber. MORE

Tree Measurement Sales

Business / Agriculture / Tree Measurement Sales: A timber sale where purchasers pay the total bid value (the estimated timber volume times the stumpage price) regardless of the volume of timber actually removed. MORE

Allowable Sale Quantity (ASQ)

Business / Agriculture / Allowable Sale Quantity (ASQ): A forestry term defined in law as the maximum amount of timber that can be sold every year, forever, from a national forest: in forest planning, the annual timber sale target for a national forest. MORE

Sales Charge

Business / Finance / Sales Charge: The fee charged by a mutual fund at purchase of shares, usually payable as a commission to a marketing agent, such as a financial adviser, who is thus compensated for assistance to a purchaser. It rep MORE


Business / Accounting / Sales: Income received from selling goods or a service. See Revenue . MORE